March 2016- Update in brief


So tired of watching Arsenal fail.

A part of me still thinks the title is possible but I am just indifferent at the moment. Should the manager go? Should the manager stay? Bleh.. I really don’t care these days.

Programming these days has been extra fun. Since I enrolled in that udemy course I’ve got a lot of great content to build my applications. I am more interested in making interactive video games really.

I hold my tongue more these days compared to the arsebloggerjnr period.  There is much more at stake than a simple tongue lashing from trolls.

I am trying to get a better connection with God as well. Lots of nonsense the past couple of years have drawn me closer to him.

My friends are still amazing. They put up with all my nonsense and we have a rad time.

Women? Well that is something I am definitely not proud of. Most of the time its heartbreak or just plain fun. Nothing serious. Even my ex doesn’t take our relationship as an actual relationship. That was six years ago. The rest have just been ‘cough’. Yeah..

I’ve lost all my speed. Now when I run I get tired quicker. Left foot is dope tho.

I still have plans of bringing the Youtube Channel back.

My mom is still in my corner as always. Her birthday is this week.

I think I don’t like writing that much anymore… That is a problem






           I miss Coe College plenty. Last year around this time I was still trying to hit on this girl from Nepal, my roomate still didn’t like me, I was partying every week, football was fantastic and I had been playing Sims 4 consistently.

Don’t get me wrong I am perfectly fine. Its just that I was really happy there as well. Hopefully if all things turn out for the best I will be there sooner than later. Otherwise we just move on. No biggie.

My final project is making me nervous!! I am optimistic thought cause everyone seems really supportive of me just getting this hump out of the way and moving on with my life. I don’t think I can afford to lose in this moment. Busy times ahead.

I got played back in June by this girl. I thought things might progress to something but it turns out it was just a load of baloney. Thankfully I am always prepared for the worst. Just like that time Sakura was going on and on about how I was breaking her heart. Utter cow fodder.

I miss my Ashesi 2015 core members greatly. The main crew. I think i will see them in December though.

It has been too long. We will have more time for each other friend.

Hasta luego 🙂

Monday 16th March 2015

The same routine every single time.


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I open wordpress. log in. stare at the new post page.

And find an excuse to close that page shut.

It’s really annoying. So much has gone on and I would really love to fill you in.

For one thing, I think  I might have found a niche but I am not too certain of it.

I am not certain of what I am doing after school. Perhaps the summer will provide the answer I am searching for.

I think I want to talk about my love life now because I think I am old enough to not get too embarrassed about it.

Don’t worry I won’t mention any names. Previous disasters have taught me well. I try to stay away from discussing it because I don’t want to upset or drive anyone away. Or maybe say something that people mis-read ‘rolls eyes’.

Its funny though. The way people think they know you when in actual fact they know very little.

Since I came back to Ashtown, I find that I have gone back to square one in a lot of the hard work with relationships. People have forgotten me, people have missed me , people don’t even think I left at all. That doesn’t matter but its the people I care about  romantically that pique my interest.

One person has forgotten about me completely. Another tries to act like we are best friends now when clearly I don’t want to be friends. There is another who thinks I am simply a friend so it makes me nervous to think otherwise.

Honestly, at the moment (or better yet, till the semester ends), I have put that side of things on hold. We will still discuss it tho!

That was my decision because i can never really  focus on more than one thing at a time. I am sorry; I have tried but I just can’t.

If I am being tasked to do a number of things, I get panicky and end up doing all of them in a hassle.

I tried to re-kindle the fire I had with some new prospects but it ended up not happening. Mainly because competitors have swooped in like Speedy Gonzalez on cocaine. “Better luck next time, amigo! “, they would yell and run off with the ladies in their arms. Me being Samurai Jack would just mutter ” I must continue my quest” and wander off like the journeyman I am.

That is ok. I think a lot of these things take time, patience and dedication. Like building a football team. Ok, ok I know that’s another football reference. Bear with me on this one.

Arsenal–my team–are a good example of core beliefs and traditions.  My manager does this by building his teams with a core of youth players in every period. Since I started watching Arsenal, I have seen two. One being the core of Fabregas & Van persie; the other with the core of Gibbs, Jenkinson(even though he is on loan),Wilshere,chamberlain & ramsey.


    (left to right)Fabregas &Van Persie                                    


 (left to right)Jenko,Ramsey, Wilshere,Gibbs &Ox

(standing behind) Arsene Wenger

As yet, the second core hasn’t really lived up to the potential the first did but I think that is the same principle that has to be taken in my life. I have one belief: hard work and persistence will provide rewards in the long run. Short term acquisitions (like the flings I had last year) bear no real fruit / meaning to your being. Look at Rademel Falcao at Manchester United nicknamed “El Tigre”(funny I see no bite). He was supposed to, in the short term, make an immediate impact to Manchester United’s title ambitions. Sadly, injuries and lack of form affected his confidence and  performances on the pitch. At the moment, he has a measly 4 goals and 3 assists in 16 appearances. It was just like that girl I met last year. It was fun and comforting but so wrong in a number of ways.

Trust me when I say this decision hasn’t been easy. Oh yeah and I stopped drinking.

“Wait ,Wha??! You stopped drinking?!?, Is everything ok? Are you alright?!”

Yes, guy-that-appeared-in-my-blog-post-for-no-apparent-reason. Everything is fine.

I just think its healthier not to.

I have missed you blog. We should talk more.

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Monday 19th January 2015

It’s funny how I find it difficult to actually find something to talk about when there is so much to talk about.

Where do I even begin? I think that I just want to keep it short and just say I am quietly moving forward with what I want to do the next couple of years. Forward. that word again.

Whenever I hear it my first thought automatically goes to Alexis Sanchez running at the oppositions center backs lazily passing the ball around. Their eyes widen as they suddenly realize Alexis is running at full throttle on them. He knows he might not get the ball but he just doesn’t give a damn. He’s not going to give up. I take that approach a lot.

A lot of the time I feel like i am the underdog. That’s why I try and put a lot of hard work in what I do.

Well enough of that. I’ll come back when I actually have some words of wisdom. Tell then, have a wonderful day folks 🙂

feliz año nuevo!!!



Man am I beat. Being a journeyman is not easy at all. What is a journeyman you ask? Well it’s a term I stumbled upon when I was reading a ton of Japanese anime. These adventurers were guys that didn’t have homes necessarily but were more than capable in adapting in different environments they found themselves into. I would like to see myself in the same mould. Someone who adapts in each and every situation.
Prior to 2013 I found adaptability extremely difficult. I used to get annoyed (I still do) when things did not go my way and often resorted to lashing out at the nearest thing or person I found. Same goes for my coding. I thought I needed to know everything when I was solving the problem in the program and because I didn’t I would suddenly put down myself and wonder why doing Computer Science is so hard. The fact is I knew it was hard before I took and yet the part of me that likes a challenge simply decied to take it. I made a promise to myself before the 2013 fall semester that I was going to do whatever it took to win at all costs. That all the sweat my family has been going through to pay my tuition can’t be for naught. I suddenly felt the pressure that was similar to those 6th form days. Only this time I really felt my back against the wall. I was alone pressed beyond belief by my own fears and doubts. Someone had to come eventually right? One of my friend’s perhaps? Someone who genuinely cares for me and at the same time empathises with my situation. I think I have been waiting for that person for a long time and it is stupid to think they are somewhere right under my nose and I just haven’t noticed it because I too dumb to see it. Nobody is coming, I told myself, you are alone pure and simple. Man up and get the strength you need to get yourself out of this point . No one is going to remember you for being someone who tried his utmost to achieve his potential but someone who had potential and failed to achieve. There is no reward for second place
That was what did it. Good old cliché sayings and a lot of ‘come on now’, ‘please help me out,’ ‘I need your help!!!’. I have never scratched and climbed so much like I have the past two years. This is just the beginning.
Honestly it saddens me that I have not made time to devot myself to the blog but that is a consequence of my new found direction. It is harder for me to tell you what is going on but I want you to know that Iam still fighting out of the shadows and I am really hopeful of getting out of it. We have had a roller coaster of stuff happen to us and God being so kind has gotten us out.

On to the next one.

Friday 7th November 2014


Let’s be honest with ourselves fellow Arsenal fans Alexis Sanchez is not staying in Arsenal if he realizes we cannot compete for major honors. He’s the sort of player I actually want to tune in to see every match day. He makes the team tick, he doesn’t give up, he just gives a 120% every single game. That is the sort of guy the fans have come to love. Sad thing is we sort of thought that about Andrey Arshavin, Robin Van Persie , Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri even. Sure maybe not in the same vein as Alexis when it comes to some things but it is the same thing essentially.

Football fans love heroes, villains and most importantly just a good story. The idea of 11 men vs another group of 11 men is long over. There is a back story to each game and some form of drama to draw the audience in. With me it is how long my side can continue to just stumble along with Alexis carrying us along. I will be the first to admit I probably do not know as much in the game as maybe someone like Joey Barton for instance so I cannot pretend to even understand football systems but in the case of Arsenal it is just painful to watch sometimes.

The Attack

Without Giroud in the side it seems like the ability to hold the ball up is long gone. We are struggling to hold possession because we do not have a proper target man and as aresult have to succumb to fluid passing movement of which to be honest this Arsenal side is not ready to be getting into. Dortmund for instance have a structure that is fantastic for the tiki taka football that Arsene Wenger seems to be trying to integrate into the side. I am not saying we should not continue to try to impose ourselves in the game through our passing . Far from it. It is just clear that our plan B which included the 6 ft 4 Frenchman Olivier Giroud is well out of the window and makes us weaker against the top sides. I wish i could draw some statistcs or some figures to make all of you see what I am saying but unfortunately I have not reached that point just yet.

Let us wait for a while though for the return of Olivier Giroud to the Arsenal. I think you will see some of what I noted will come to  light.

The midfield


How many years have Arsenal fans been crying out for ‘that strong defensive minded midfielder’? It is a topic that has been talked about already so I won’t drag it on an further. All I can say is that Arsene Wenger is simply trying to accommodate Jack Wilshere and Ramsey in the side still so that is why he does not want to bring in that high profile player everyone wants him to. I also sort of think he really trusts Mathieu Flamini and Mikel Arteta to prove everyone wrong. The unity the squad has grown over the past couple of years is something Wenger does not want to simply roll back on because of a tactical problem. Arsene is a strong believer in the mental side of the team and I think he is afraid that losing some of the old guard would make the side even more naive. From the Anderlecht game we already see what happens when the team has no form of leadership on the pitch. At the moment Alexis can only lead from example as his English from what i learn is not the best. In addition Mertesacker is too much of a nice guy to make a meal out of things when they go wrong. Like Patrick Viera once said ‘sometimes players need a right kick up the arse’.

The defence


The defence , to be honest has only become a worry recently because of the loss of debuchy and koscielny. Before I was perfectly fine with Chambers and Monreal as back up. The only thing is Arsene always takes this gamble with his teams every season. The media always try to tell him who to sign and trust me its not like he doesn’t see what we see but again that argument of trust comes in. I also think sometimes we fail to sign people who would come in as back up for the two first choice pairing.  For example i think signing Welbeck was just a consequence of him becoming available. Otherwise i don’t think we were in for him. Manchester United had that problem at a point when the Vidic, Ferdinand duo was in its prime. Luckily they had a youth player in the form of Johnny Evans who could do a decent job every now and then. Even today they are still trying to replicate that partnership Ferdinand and Vidic had.

“Slow and steady wins the Race” Sunday 26th October 2014


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I still remember that day because it was just awesome to me. It was a standard relay. Two teams from my class were lined up. We were in class 3 by then just having our regular P.E as usual. At that point I had really made up my mind that I was going to just do P.E. I hadn’t really planned to be impress anyone.

Yet somehow I managed to pass the fastest guy in my class. It is moment’s like that change  a  person. I was quite and didn’t really have a reason to be outspoken. My speed became my strength. I was suddenly good at something. Suddenly I was dreaming of heading to Olympics and winning Gold for Ghana. Somehow taking running professionally. Those were amazing times. I used to just run to class because I thought that would somehow improve my speed. I never went for after school sports because my mom couldn’t pick me up any later.

I loved running so much and to this day I still do. My favorite moment in football is timing my run perfectly to the point i get past the opposition’s defensive line and somehow manage to get through clean on goal. However a lot of the time my first touch lets me down so it becomes a case where I have to square it to a team mate on my side. From the times I used to play ‘small posts’ with mis amigos in primary I always wanted to flaunt my speed .  I say flaunt because that is what it looked like but in reality I was making love on the pitch with my game. I used to get tired but I didn’t care.. I would recover and run again.

As a result of this a lot of my game play suffered ball control wise. I sort of wish I had figured that out by myself.


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It is sad but I think I am done with drinking alcohol. I went a whole year in 2012-2013 but that was because of some girl that wasn’t even interested in me in the first place. I know dumb. I relapsed in 2013 but since I started playing soccer again I realized my game hadn’t moved at all since I was 15. I know I know….. Took you long enough.

Like the tortoise I am just taking every day as it comes.

Let’s see what happens 🙂

Tuesday 21 October 2014

When I was younger I stubbed my tie doing a karate kick on the pavement. It hurt like hell. I was in so much that I cried.

My Mother was nearby and I looked her at her waiting for some sort of sympathy.. She simply shook her head because she had been seeing everything unfold. I guess she wanted me to learn my lesson from my own mistake. I stood there crying for a while until I realized I wasn’t getting any attention. I limped off to the bathroom to put some tissue on my toe. It was a really bad one. The nail on my big toe was bent and out of shape. Blood was dripping out from it. In situations like that I wrapped my toe really tightly in a plaster. I was all better

Being in pain just like that day has made me stronger

I take every decision carefully and tread the road really safely. Just like signing a new player. Every decision I make with my life has to be something that adds real quality. Football analogies are getting old for me… Really old😊

Thursday 16th October 2014

I find it difficult to sleep these days.

So much is going on that I can’t seem to rest at the moment.

It doesn’t bother me much but I just hope my body can take it. It’s a bit similar to that point in third year when I was just functioning without reason.

School can be stressful but I think a lot of my life will come with the stress. I can’t even imagine how stressful the job of a football manager is compared to being a student. LOLZ.

That is what keeps me going. The idea that things are way much worse and that I am capable of doing more. I don’t even want to think what Obama’s day is like 24/7.

No rest for the weary.